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Tori Amoscato

L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., CBP

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I’m an acupuncturist who focuses on tapping into the mind-body connection for better health.

How I Work

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Herbal Formulas   ·   Manual Therapy
Body Talk 
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  • At 2 weeks overdue with my son, I thought I had tried everything to induce labor, but nothing was working. A distant Body Talk session with Tori helped me relax, and I delivered naturally that same evening. I don’t know how she does what she does, but it works!

  • Tori is a skilled and sensitive practitioner who brings science, intuition, and understanding of the human mind, body and heart to her approach. I have been continuously impressed by the way she is able to combine a knowledge of body systems with a keen sense of empathy to tailor sessions that make me walk away feeling more attuned to my body and its own power in the healing process.

  • Working with Tori is a revelation - she’s deeply intuitive, and can read your body and your emotional state like a book. Because she understands what my body truly needs, she’s helped me identify better ways to care for myself. She’s helped me remove layers of emotion and trauma that I didn’t even know were there. I always walk away feeling seen and cared for and...better. Lots better.

  • Tori is the kind of practitioner I’d trust with even the craziest health crisis. Her insight and knowledge are the best you will find, and she will quickly get to the root of the problem to help you heal body, mind and spirit.

  • Tori is a game changer! It has taken me five years to find an acupuncturist as good as Tori. As a massage therapist and dancer, I know my body has been through the ringer. I have a laundry list of injuries from dancing that Western doctors haven't been able to diagnose or help me with, and Tori has been able to reduce my pain tremendously! My body is beyond grateful for her.

  • Tori is the best kind of healer — practical, effective, and empathetic. Her practice is intuitive but she's always careful to explain what she's doing and why as she works, encouraging you to participate actively in her treatments, and your own health. I've come to her with everything from sprained ankles and pulled muscles to anxiety and insomnia, and never once walked away not feeling much better than I did when I arrived. Also, her dog is my best friend.

  • When I started working with Tori, I was recovering from a car accident, an 80 hour-a-week high-demand career, and some other life shifts. I had severe insomnia and I was in crippling pain. I had spent over a year seeing every doctor I could think of, to no avail. Even from the first session, Tori’s ability to connect, be present and provide resourceful solutions was a game changer for me. Tori’s enthusiasm for healing is infectious. She is a true healer. Her compassion and energy have revitalized my pursuit of health and I find myself in much less pain, able to enjoy activities I thought I might never enjoy again and sleeping soundly at night.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to have Tori work on me a handful of times, and each time I’ve emerged with a new perspective: on my body, my mind, and the ways in which the two connect with and influence one another. Tori is as gentle as she is knowledgeable; when she works on my body I feel safe and relaxed, which I'm sure contributes to the sense of peace and release I’ve felt after each of my sessions.

  • Words cannot express how grateful I am to have experienced Tori’s healing gifts for the last 9+ months. Her compassion, dedication and ability to be fully present during each and every session have changed my life in ways unimaginable. Having tried every spiritual/healing modality on the planet in my lifetime, I have never experienced such extraordinary results and breakthroughs than I have with Tori. She is an amazing and gifted healer and I look forward to the next chapter of her greatness.

  • Tori has a healing and gentle touch that provided the release my body needed to get back on the path to wellness. Not only did she focus on healing my damaged knees, but my general overall well-being was improved and enhanced. She is meticulous and thoughtful in her ministrations, using a variety of skills and tools - and amazingly warm hands! Truly a healer’s touch.



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