How I Work

Some brief explanations of the different types of techniques you may experience in a treatment with me:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

— comprising acupuncture and herbs, movement practices and manual therapies including cupping and tuina.


Acupuncture needles are placed in specific anatomical locations along planes of fascia in the body, areas of concentrated nerves and blood vessels. The interaction between the needles and the body’s internal environment influences the flow of blood, nerve signals and energy to strategically redirect the whole system’s attention toward greater balance, and therefore, better health.

The NIH has recognized the efficacy of acupuncture to treat pain for over twenty years. Modern research agrees that in addition to pain relief, acupuncture can enhance immunity, decrease anxiety and stress, balance hormone levels, improve healing from traumatic injuries, and provide support for anything health related, including chronic and more complex conditions.

Herbal Formulas

I use pre-prepared herbal formulas in my practice to help treat many different types of short- and long-term conditions, including low immunity, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance and pain. Herbal formulas have a several thousand-year track record of effectiveness: when paired with proper nutrition, they can help gently nudge a patient’s system into better balance. Certain formulas have known anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects, and can be used both to treat infection and prophylactically during cold and flu season to maintain respiratory health as the temperature fluctuates.

Manual Therapy

Cupping and guasha (scraping) release the superficial muscle layer to decrease tension and promote circulation. While they are most commonly used to relieve discomfort and smooth muscle fibers, both techniques can also enhance immunity and produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Osteopathic manual manipulations gently reset musculoskeletal joint function with soft manipulation of muscle and tissue, allowing nearby bony structures to fall back into place without any direct adjustment. Manipulations are simple and patients often feel immediate relief.


— offered both in-person with acupuncture treatments and remotely as a stand-alone treatment

BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself on all levels. The BodyTalk System identifies and repairs weakened areas of communication in the body-mind complex, addressing the underlying emotional, physical and environmental factors involved in illness. Using gentle, non-invasive techniques, BodyTalk strengthens communication in sequence to ease discomfort and boost overall health.

BodyTalk is based partially on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and incorporates aspects of many different health modalities. I use it in every acupuncture treatment to improve my patients’ outcomes. Learn more about it here.

Lymphatic Drainage

— the Veltheim Method, offered both in-person and remotely as a stand-alone treatment

The lymphatic system, which helps eliminate waste products, relies on tiny muscular contractions to promote movement of lymphatic fluid. It is integral to the efficacy of the immune system and can become sluggish following injury, stress or illness. The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD) encourages drainage of excess waste products and promotes circulation to regenerate tissue and optimal function. It can be performed using light touch or directly off the body, and activates both the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Pilates is a movement practice that strengthens and lengthens muscles via low-impact endurance exercises. Its focus is largely on flexibility and core strength, and emphasizes proper postural alignment to support the weight of the spine. I use Pilates principles and exercises to advise my patients in correcting their structural misalignments, and advocate for a regular cardio and stretching program.

I have been training in Pilates for many years, and was certified under a master teacher in 2011. I teach a twice-weekly mat class here, right next door to my office.

My Rates

I charge $225 per treatment.

The first treatment lasts up to one hour — all following treatments are 45 minutes.

Cupping is $60 for 15 minutes.


I offer remote tutoring for students of BodyTalk who have completed at least the first two course modules.

If you are interested in learning from me, please get in touch.    

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How I Work