Tori Amoscato

L.AC., Dipl. O.M., CBP

Hi, I’m Tori. I’m an acupuncturist who focuses on tapping into the mind-body connection for better health.

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Growing up as a dancer, I learned so much about the importance and joy of moving the body— and I also had to learn a lot about how to heal. My background in movement, dance and Pilates informed my understanding of physiology and functional alignment— but also the types of conditioning necessary to support healthy movement.

In my twenties, I found that the physical work I had been doing to support my body wasn’t cutting it anymore, and I sought deeper modalities that would allow me to address the physical via the spiritual. A lifetime of movement, injury, repair and subsequent study had taught me to view the body as a series of interconnected systems, and I went looking for healing traditions that could help me expand on this understanding.

I began by studying CranioSacracal therapy, refining my understanding of functional skeletal anatomy, which led me to BodyTalk. BodyTalk built on that anatomical knowledge and introduced me to the idea that the mind plays an active role in the healing process. I began to understand the impact of my own subconscious beliefs, emotions and environment on my body. To me, this was revolutionary! It put me on a path to health, and I started to learn everything I could to help others find the same.

A lifelong student of holistic medicine, I hold a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (MATCM) with a certification in Orthopedic Care under Don Lee.I have certified and studied extensively in the Body Talk System since 2012, most notably under Dr. Tracey Clark. Because of this robust course of study, I have a library of techniques at my disposal, and can bring a multifaceted and nuanced approach to patient care. My work grows out of a belief that change is possible on every level, and aims to restore health holistically, incorporating the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. I am particularly interested in using the mind-body connection to treat both acute symptoms and underlying causes of pain and illness. Put simply: acknowledging the spectrum of variables surrounding an illness allows your body to heal faster—and I can help you do it.

A session with me might incorporate acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, BodyTalk, osteopathic manipulations, lymphatic drainage or CranioSacral Therapy. I move fluidly among modalities to tailor each appointment to my patient’s particular needs, so no two sessions are quite alike. Together, we look at your individual habits in order to bring underlying subconscious patterns into awareness, so that we can start to chip away at creating a better habits system, which ultimately forms the basis of your health.

I take a practical, integrative approach to healthcare, and advocate for sustainable lifestyle adjustments to help you improve your quality of life. I am not a doctor, but I am happy to work with your doctor to determine the right protocol for your needs.

My practice is located in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I treat patients worldwide remotely via BodyTalk and Telehealth consultations, and tutor the Fundamental courses for students of BodyTalk.

I am a graduate of Yo San University (MATCM, 2016), Wesleyan University (BA, 2008) and have done graduate work at both the CUNY Graduate Center and the University of Southern California.


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